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How to Protect the Singing Voice? Nadel Paris Explains

There are various things that individuals can do in order to protect and to maintain the quality of their voices. Aside from avoiding spicy foods and drinking caffeinated or alcoholic beverages, they also have to remember a few important things especially if they would like to learn how to protect their singing voice. "Singers need some degree of self-discipline in order to keep their vocal cords from being damaged because of carelessness on their part" says Nadel Paris.


Individuals need to learn how to sing while maintaining a good posture. They also have to breathe correctly in order for them to give power to their singing. There are proper breathing exercises that they can do regularly. Aside from this, singers have to work on some warm-up exercises before actually singing. This will prepare their vocal cords to produce the right sound. Forcing the sounds outright may cause strain and damage to the vocal cords and other parts of the speech organ.


Singers also have to learn how to relax some other body parts like the face, the neck and the jaw. They are able to lessen the stress that they put on their vocal cords if they can relax the muscles in these other body parts. Singers may also be guided by their mentors in finding the right vocal register that is appropriate for their voice range. These are some effective ways on how singers can maintain their voice quality over time.


In order for singers to protect the singing voice, they need to keep their bodies fit and healthy all the time. They need to do physical exercises regularly and they also have to include healthy foods in their diet regimen. Those who healthy will be able to do their singing performances without much problem as their bodies are able to cope with the fatigue and the stress that go with it. Singers will health problems may get tired easily and may be affected with some health problems like sore throat, colds, cough and other illnesses that may hinder them from producing excellent vocal sounds when they are singing.


Other ways of protecting the singing voice would require singers to stay away from noisy places. When they speak, they have to see to it that they are able to modulate their voices without causing unnecessary strain on the vocal cords. Singers also have to remember that when they are sick, they have to check with their doctors about the proper medication to take. There are some medicines that would make their throats dry and this would cause some problems in singing. These are some of the things that individuals will have to remember in order for them to protect their singing voices.


Nadel Paris a recording artist, musician, music producer, songwriter and a screenwriter. Nadel has amazing voice, beauty, humility and maturity that will strike you all at once as soon as you meet her.

With her experience Nadel shares important information on Music Genre, performing art. Visit her here:

Post by nadelparis (2017-12-20 08:10)

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