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Mistakes to Avoid While Mixing Music Loops

Everyone will agree that music loops are not ordinary samples, but are small parts of sounds that are repeated continuously to form peppy numbers. Music creators and DJs worldwide create an amazing lot of music mix using such music loops and they know very well for the fact that such a music will fill the party halls and dance floors with youngsters and aged ones alike.


All one needs to create awesome music patterns and loops is a slight creativity. These music loops for a matter of fact is not only used by DJs and musicians, but can be used for various purposes like creating music projects, videos, even websites and TV and Radio programs. But creating interesting music loops is in the hands of the composer, and in today's fast paced world, composers are not worried about giving good music pieces, and they make irrelevant and unnecessary mistakes that spoil the essence of the whole piece. It shows that they are not showing dedication in what they are doing. Here are a few common errors outlined by Nadel Paris that present-day musicians make while creating a music loop, and if one avoids these amateur mistakes, then there are going to be an incredible final product.


  • This first and most terrible mistake one commits - Too synthetic. Even though one is composing an electronic music, it should also breathe and have a feel. One of the most unwanted mistakes that a musician of these days make is to use synth sounds and drum loops that comes out really rigid and barren. The solution is to clean up the tracks and loops wherever possible and introduce some live elements like clapping, pop beats, etc. and not sounds that are manipulated and created in a computer. These live beats can give life to the music, unlike the electronic sounds.


  • There are frequency clashes that should be avoided. Now-a-days, most of the musicians often use several sample loops that are present almost in the same frequency, which results in the lack of lucidity and clarity. Sounds should actually be working together and not competing with each other. It is always advisable to focus on sounds that complement one another, instead of sounds that can always stand-alone without the support of the other. A composer should choose sounds to form loops in such a way that they are not complex and go along with each other.


  • It is also important to avoid timing disaster, by listening to each of the sounds in a loop or a track very clearly. The timing is very important when two different loops are merged together, especially if one is doing a rap or a hip-hop. Perhaps a composer or a DJ may be waiting to bring in a bass loop into a hip-hop, but there is always an out-of-time which may give out a blaring sound, instead of a nice music loop or track. So, a composer should be all ears and try to catch the sound exactly on time, and if it was not possible, it is always better to stop and restart again from the beginning.


Nadel Paris is an EDM artist and a music producer. Nadel writes about music and its various genres, other related topics and shares her experience she has over the years. She offers expert advice and great tips regarding all aspects of music genre through her blogs.

To know When did Nadel Paris start singing and lot more about her please visit here:

Post by nadelparis (2018-04-03 06:30)

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