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Musician Resources on the Web: Nadel Paris

Are you looking for some awesome musician resources on the internet? Chances are you are going find them within minutes, if not seconds. There are so many musician resources available on the net these days, it is unbelievable. Whether you want to be the next big thing, learn how to promote your CD, study famous musicians or search for music promotional ideas, you can find the resources to help you.

Unless you are a stellar singer, you may need some type of instrument to make music. Valuable musician resources on the web can help musicians find inexpensive instruments and parts in all shapes and sizes. There are tons of sites online that sell used instruments or you can search the online classifieds. E-bay is a great place to find used instruments as well.

If you are searching for how to promote your CD online or not, then there is an immense amount of articles, sites, forums, eBooks and mentors that can help you do just this. Other resources are web sites that offer free sheet music and lyrics. This way you can play and enjoy sheet music from all your favorite musicians. This is a great way for cover bands to find music by their favorite artists as well.

Are you looking for someone to join your band or group? Web forums and online classifieds can be an excellent place to find future band members. In fact, these forums can also be a great place to get the word out about your opening, find music promotional ideas and advertise your band.

Talk with other musicians on the web, it is called networking. You may even be able to book gigs and set up shows through networking on the web. Learn how to create a website where you can advertise and learn how to promote your CD from it. You may even meet some pretty cool people. The possibilities are endless.

No matter what you are looking for on the web, musician resources are there for anyone and everything out there. It does not matter what you are looking for. You no longer have to go to that one music shop in town to search for the things you are looking for. Everything you need is at your fingertips so take full advantage of all of the musician resources the Internet has to offer. Nadel Paris wishes you guys happy surfing!


About Nadel Paris

Nadel Paris is a recording artist, musician, music producer, songwriter, dancer, published author, screenwriter, and her music is a mix between different styles: Dance, EDM, Pop, Urban ...etc. Nadel Paris is an American citizen born and raised in France. She is also an actor, an acting coach, a film/TV producer and the owner of the leading acting institution in personal growth for children. Produced by DJ Dario M and Nadel Paris. Track by DJ Dario M, Vocals and Bass by Nadel Paris. Nadel Paris's EP is coming out on August 14th. Distributed by Tony Bucher and Universal Music. Two of the beats "Oh La La La" and "Funk it Up" feature rapper extraordinaire KXNG Crooked I.

Nadel Paris's EP distributed by Tony Bucher and Universal Music is coming out on 08/14th! An article in Rolling Stone Magazine will be out in December! New video for "Funk it Up" will likely feature rap superstar KXNG Crooked I!

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Post by nadelparis (2016-01-11 03:49)

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