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The Basic Elements of Music Discussed by Nadel Paris

Music is a high art originates in nature and taken up by human as a form of art. Music is actually taken by human from sounds in the nature. The sounds can be the blowing of wind the sound of waterfall, chirping of birds, and many more. The elements of music discussed by Nadel Paris that you have to know are listed below.


1. Musical Form

The form of music refers to the genre of the music. The musical form is actually determined by the harmonic language, lyrics, rhythm, instruments, and many other things. The form of music can also be determined by geographical area because each area has different characteristic of music. Different geographical area also has different culture. The culture in an area has its own musical instrument that surely produces different kind of sound. Times also determine the form of music. The past and present music will be a lot different.


2. Timbre

Timbre is kind of concept that is played by different instruments at the same time. The difference sound produced by the instruments is usually called as timbre.


3. Melody

Melody is the set of linear notations that formed in tunes, chords, grooves, and vocals. You might also find that some people called it as progression. It is a mix of tempo, rhythm, and harmony.


4. Texture

Texture is like the heart of music. It is formed by rhythm and notations that are played all together. It is also referred to the number of layers and also the type of layers that are used in a music composition. It also indicates how the layers are related to each other. Texture can be monophonic, polyphonic, and also homophonic.


5. Dynamics

The dynamics of music means the volume of notation. Thanks to the advancement of technology in music, some instruments have volume controls. Musician has to control the volume of an instrument manually when he is playing traditional instrument. Dynamics are the symbol of loudness and softness of music. Dynamics can also signify when there is a change in music.


6. Harmony

Harmony is the mixture between notes that are played together or the connection between series of chords. Harmony support melody to create the music.


7. Rhythm

Rhythm must be included to complete a song. It is a specific arrangement of sound that has elements like beat and tempo.


Nadel Paris is an EDM artist who defeated all adversaries by her hard work and talent. Now Nadel wants to empower other people and strives to produce other artists and open doors for them. She feels it’s a win-win situation to discover talent. You can listen to her songs on ITunes, Spotify or on Amazon.

To read more, please visit here:

Post by nadelparis (2018-03-16 06:42)

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