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Tips by Nadel Paris on Maintaining a Powerful Voice

Excellent singers have powerful voices but some of them are not able to maintain and sustain its quality over a period of time. There are some of them who develop serious diseases that affect their throats and vocal cords. Some singers damage their vocal cords because of too much strain placed on it and at times they lose the sound of their singing voice as well. However, they can prevent these things from happening if they know how to maintain the quality and the power of their voices. Nadel Paris discusses about the health of singer's voice here:

Singers will have to keep their bodies always in good health. If they do this, they are less prone to infections especially those that may affect the parts of their bodies that they use for singing. Staying healthy would include eating the right kind of foods, doing regular exercises and having sufficient time to sleep and rest. Aside from these there are some things that they need to remember. They have to understand that alcoholic as well as caffeinated drinks can cause some irritation on the linings found in the throat area. They also have to take note that spicy foods may cause some acid to go all the way up to the throat.


Regular people are advised to drink plenty of water each day. The same is true with singers but those who would like to preserve their powerful singing voice for a long time need to drink warm water as much as possible. They also need to practice self-discipline and avoid smoking including second-hand smoking in order for them to lessen their risks of developing certain kinds of cancer diseases. They have to choose to live healthier lifestyles if they want to succeed and stay long in the music industry.


Singers have to check labels of products that they use. There are some chemicals found in mouthwash that can cause harm to their vocal cords and other parts of their speech organ for example. They will also need to include proper breathing as well even while they are talking so that they are able to lessen the strain that is placed on their throats. Should they find themselves in areas where the climate is dry, they can also indulge in steam inhalations or they can also check if a humidifier is available.


Great singers may enjoy having their powerful voices until they grow older but they have to work on maintaining their health and their total well-being. They have to understand how some types of foods and activities may positively or negatively affect their health in general and their powerful voice in particular.


Nadel Paris a recording artist, musician, music producer, songwriter and a screenwriter. Nadel has amazing voice, beauty, humility and maturity that will strike you all at once as soon as you meet her.

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Post by nadelparis (2017-12-23 05:50)

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